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Straight Bits

Straight Router Bits such as Dimar’s 107R series are intended mainly for two routing applications:
• Side Routing: Penetration into the side of wood for Beading, Grooving or Slotting and Dado operations.
• Plunge (Bottom) Routing: Penetration into wood surface for Drilling, Grooving or Mortising.

The desired grooves can be relatively deep and chip clearance at the bottom has great importance, especially at high feed rates.  As a result of significant design improvements by DIMAR, the Bits now have the following outstanding feature:

Newly developed ANGLE geometry has been applied at the bit’s bottom. Since this edge is the very first one to constantly encounter the wood, ease and fast clearance of the chips improves considerably in production of “Blind Grooves” and “Open Slots”.

DIMAR offers a wide variety of Straight bits, such as: Single Flute, Double Flute, Right & Left hand rotation, Inch & Metric sizes, and our exclusive designed Bottom Carbide Straight bits.

A newly developed type of extended life D NAMIC carbide Router bits by DIMAR:
• New generation of high wear resistance carbide. 
• Up to 200% longer life time especially when working with abrasive materials.
• New superior geometric design. 
• Cleaner cut than other existing carbides.
• Final results and tool life that makes it the most cost effective Router Bits today!

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