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Raised Panel Bits

Please see Rail & Stile Bits for background terminology.

A flat panel has its visible face flush with the front of the groove in the frame. This gives the panel an inset appearance. This style of panel is commonly made from man-made materials such as MDF or plywood but may also be made from solid wood or tongue and groove planks. Panels made from MDF will be painted to hide their appearance, but panels of hardwood-veneer plywood will be stained and finished to match the solid wood rails and stiles. A raised panel has a profile cut into its edge so that the panel surface is flush with or proud of the frame. Some popular profiles are the ogee, chamfer, and cove. Panels may be raised by a number of methods - the most common in modern cabinetry is the use of a panel raising cutter. The stiles and rails often have a profile cut into the inside edge of the outside face - usually a smaller version to match the profile of the panel.

Raised Panel bits have two types of construction:
► Raised Panel Bits with BALL BEARING Guides.
► VERTICAL Raised Panel Bits.
All Dimar Raised Panel Bits will match ALL Dimar Rail & Stile Bits.


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