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Multi-Profile cutters  

Our Multicut™ cutter set is a unique system that enables you to produce countless profiles on a shaper cutter. These industrial grade Carbide Tipped cutters interlock into each other in a simple setup. This is a very useful and practical set that will save you time and money.

The Dimar Multi-Profile Cutter Set in the ONLY set on the market that offers users OVER 130 STANDARD PROFILE KNIVES to choose from, all available from stock. Unlike other manufacturers, Dimar allows YOU to choose the profile knives that you NEED. The system also allows the user to select from a wide variety of profiles to produce Moldings, Tonge and Groove, Glue Joints and different shapes that are NOT available with router bits.

To get started, all you need to purchase is the cutter head (which includes knife #331940) and then build up your multi profile knives as you go. The knives are mounted and locked in position by two pins and a locking screw. The wedge provides a safe and secure backing to the knives. Keep in mind that ALL Dimar Multi profile knives are indexable, meaning that they will provide the same profile, TIME AND TIME AGAIN.

Customers also have a choice of purchasing the 68mm Dia. Cutter Head with ¾ Bore or the 100mm Dia. Cutter Head with 1 ¼”mm bore. Each set includes one pair of knives (#331940), an attractive wooden case and 1 Allen key.

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