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Terminus™ Knives

Terminus™ is the world renowned solution for cutter heads featuring a patented quick-change knife system which allows knives to be changed radially, in minutes, for minimum down time.
Dimar’s Terminus™ Knives are available in HSS (6-7% Tungsten), HSS (18% Tungsten) and solid Carbide. All Dimar Terminus™ knives are precision ground on CNC deep grinding machines and guarantee an optimal snug fit in the knife driving shaft. The HSS knives are continuously hardened and tempered in the high vacuum oven. The fine particle structure which is achieved by this method guarantees maximum tool lifetime and an optimal price/performance ratio.

Replaceable HSS Terminus™ Knives:
Dimar recommends using HSS Terminus™ knives for woods such as pine, oak, maple, cherry etc. Dimar’s HSS Terminus™ Knife is the best all around material.

Replaceable HSS (18% Tungsten) Terminus™ Knives:
Dimar recommends using HSS (18%) Terminus™ knives in cutting hardwoods. These knives offer the ultimate edge life and cutting performance in softwoods as well.

Replaceable Solid Carbide Terminus™ Knives:
Dimar’s Solid Carbide Terminus™ Knives offer the most durable edge which gives a superior quality finish, it is recommended for laminated woods, hickory, hardwoods etc

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