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Bevel / Chamfer Bits  

A Bevel or Chamfer bit will produce an angled cut on the square edge of a piece of stock. Bevel bits are versatile, in that one bit can create a number of different-size chamfers based on the depth of the cut. As with the beading bit, some Bevel bits have a bearing-tip that rides along the edge of the stock.

Bevel bits may produce a sunken type effect with flat bottom and different angels. Although not a plunge type bits, they are used for decorative applications. 

An assembly offers the option of switching cutters from flush trim to either of two bevel trims, without removing the bit from the router or ever changing the depth of cut setup. Four flutes produce a smooth, crisp cut finish.

An Adjustable Chamfering Set offers the flexibility to route the stock on two side’s at the same time. It also allows for rapid change of cutters for various chamfering degrees and different stock thickness.

A combination of Bevel & Trim bit has been designed specifically for use in a laminate trimmer that will both flush and bevel trim. A change in cut depth is all it takes to switch from one to the other.

A Chamfer is defined as an obtuse-angled relief or cut at an edge added for a finished appearance and to break sharp edges. Therefore, most Bevel bits may be qualified as Chamfering bits.

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