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Premium Drilling and Driving accessories compatible with

Festool® Centrotec® Keyless Chucks.


Combination countersink and/or counter bore for standard wood plugs. Alloy steel and thru hardened for long life. Drill bits are adjustable for different length screws. Drill the pilot hole for the screw  and countersink for the head of the screw or counter bore to plug the screw hole, all in one easy step.

Drill Bit Adapters

Allows for rapid changes from drilling to driving. The collet adapter makes drill replacement easy, just use standard round twist drills.

Hinge Bit

Hardened-retractable nose bushing centers pilot holes in hinges, handles, drawer slides and more.

Driver bit

Switch from drilling to driving with your  Festool®  Centrotec®  chuck quickly and easily. Features a hardened Robertson®  (square) tip for long life.


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