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A hole saw (also styled holesaw), also known as a hole cutter, is a saw blade of annular (ring, cylindrical) shape, whose annular kerf creates a hole in the work piece without having to cut up the core material. It is used in a drill, either stationary or portable. Hole saws have a pilot drill bit at their center to keep the saw teeth from walking. The fact that a hole saw creates the hole without needing to cut up the core often makes it preferable to twist drills or spade drills for relatively large holes (especially those larger than 1”. The same hole can be made faster and using less power.

The depth to which a hole saw can cut is limited by the depth of its cup-like shape. Most hole saws have a fairly short aspect ratio of diameter to depth, and they are used to cut through relatively thin work pieces. However, longer aspect ratios are available for applications that warrant them.

The saw consists of a metal cylinder, usually steel, mounted on an arbor. The cutting edge has saw teeth formed in it. The arbor can carry a drill bit to bore a centering hole. After the first few millimeters of cut, the centering mechanism may no longer be needed, although it will help the bit to bore without wandering in a deep hole. The sloping slots in the cylinder wall help carry the dust out, and serve as aid to eject the plug or core. The kerf of the cut is designed to be slightly larger than the diameter of the rest of the hole saw so that it does not get jammed in the hole.

The main advantage over conventional drill bits is the hole saw's efficiency, because very little of the total material being removed is actually cut, which ultimately reduces the overall power requirement. Another advantage over drill bits is the wider size capability. For example, a 4” diameter hole would require a huge twist drill or spade drill, unable to be properly driven by a pistol-grip drill or bench top drill press; but it can be cut with a hole saw with relative ease.

DIMAR’s Hole Saw – Features & Benefits

  • HSS (High Speed Steel) Teeth cuts 8 times faster than high carbon steel or Bi-Metal Hole Saws, and can withstand higher temperatures without losing its hardness. Very Durable product.
  • Large size HSS Teeth will cut up to 500 holes and may be re sharpen several times for longer tool life.
  • Impact Resistance against unintended nail contact.
  • Aggressive 3 tooth design with 2-1/2” cutting depth.
  • Very sturdy and strong cup construction with heavy duty wall thickness.
  • Arbors of 5/8" x 18 will fit Hole Saws
  • Standard 7/16” HEX shank will fit any tool on the market with same Quick Chuck.
  • Cuts wet, frozen, pressure treated and hard wood without binding.
  • Deep gullets for Easy Chip & Plug removal.
  • offers the most comprehensive range of Industrial and Professional grade drills and boring bits

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