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Replaceable Carbide Bits
It’s a whole workshop of options in a single Router Bit.
The new Multi Profile System gives you a wide range of profiling options in a single Router bit with Replaceable Carbide Tips. 
This New Age Router bit System, developed by DIMAR, puts the power of greater precision, better performance and higher versatility into your hands.

Why Choose The Multi Profile System?

Replaceable Carbide knives are harder, stronger, longer lasting and perform better on abrasive materials.

One Router Bit gives you a wide variety of profiling options and can be used with Portable, or Industrial CNC machinery.

Chip Limitation design for safe operation.  All Router bits have been tested for maximum stress by the German institute of Technology.

Service free
The Router Bits do not need sharpening. Simply replace the carbide knives.

Carbide knives have consistent and precise profiles for optimum and continued operation without adjustments.

Cost effective
Longer lasting knives, better performance, down time is minimal.  
Only Carbide Knives are replaced.


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D-Tech router bits

Finally! Hi Tech Tools at prices that you can afford!
DIMAR is proud to introduce our new line of D-Tech series insert router bits. These new bits will give all woodworkers the ability to gain the siginificant advantage of using industrial grade Replaceable Insert Carbide Router Bits at prices comparable to standard carbide tipped brazed bits. These newly developed bits have much stronger and durable carbide then standard router bits and are guaranteed to outperform the competition! Dimar's D-Tech series products will last 4 times longer then standard bits, while maintaining the cutting accuracy at all times. Another first by Dimar.

Benefits of the new D-Tech Series include:
- Priced similar to brazed router bits but last 4 TIMES LONGER!
- Nine popular profile sizes in 1/4" shank


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