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Dimar Canada Ltd. offers the most comprehensive range of Industrial and Professional grade drills and boring bits available to the Woodworking industry. Dimar’s line of drilling products include; Solid Carbide Drills, Machine Drill Adapters, Drilling Jigs, Lipped Brad Point Drills, Standard Brad Points, Forstner Bits, Hinge Boring Bits, Auger Bits, HSS Jobber Drills, Plug Cutters, Dowel Drills, Mortising Chisel’s and a complete line of Snappy Quick Chuck Adapter drills.

All Dimar drills and boring bits are made with latest technology and materials resulting in longer lifetime and precision drilling. To meet all of your requirements many of our drills are available individually as well as in sets and in both metric and inch sizes.

Within Dimar’s line of drill and boring bits we have some of the most unique and exciting products available to both the industrial and hobbyist woodworking market! Some of these products include; Dimar’s Carbide Tipped Adjustable Countersink (202CS), Adjustable Boring Bits(203BM), Bormax Carbide Tipped Forstner Bits, and Dimar’s European Drilling Jig.





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