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A heavy duty, multi-purpose, hand cutter for cutting & trimming of wood, plastic, rubber, etc.  Have you ever installed quarter-round floor trim, electric or video cable, cut a garden hose or pruned a tree?  Well, if you've answered yes, you will appreciate this wonderful tool.  By changing anvils to fit your needs, you can easily encounter tough jobs with ease.  It is a "Must Have" tool around the house for all odd cutting jobs that do not require the use of a saw, but can't be done with ordinary shears.  Works well with soft woods up to 3/4" in size.

♦ Heavy duty steel body: for long lasting use on tough materials
♦ Super sharp forged steel blade: can be resharpened or replaced.
♦ Five anvils: for cutting flat and round materials.
♦ Special coated handles: for Non Slip grip
♦ ABS attaché case: for easy storage and security.

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