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Edge Trimmers

Double Edge Trimmer
A practical tool that will trim two edges of wood at the same time.
Double spring loaded handle installed with sharp steel knives, will clamp onto the material to be trimmed. Simply slide it along the edge, and the excess edge is trimmed effortlessly. The tool requires no adjustments, and the blades may be re sharpened for longer life.
Wood thickness ranges from 1/2" to 1".

Laminate End Trimmer 
A practical tool used for trimming the ends of Melamine or Veneer.  The end result is a clean cut, flush with the panel.  Easily positioned...
just set the trimmer on the panel edge and press the handle down.  Suitable for trimming of edging up to 0.5mm thickness.
Cutters may be re-sharpened.


DET and LET Trimmer Set
Simply combine the Double Edge Trimmer and the Laminate End Trimmer for greater savings!


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