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Stationary Thin Planer Knives
HSS (High Speed Steel) & CT (Carbide Tipped)

Dimar Thin Planer Knives are available in HSS (6-7% Tungsten), HSS (18% Tungsten) and Carbide Tipped.
Our planer knives are ground and sharpened on precision grinding machines with measurement control and are ready for use. In order to ensure a high tool life they are hardened and tempered in modern vacuum ovens. The ready for use cutting edge of our knives guarantee an outstanding smooth result. Dimar only uses GERMAN made quality carbide for the production of our carbide tipped knives.

Planer Knives (HSS 6-7% Tungsten)
Dimar HSS (6-7% Tungsten) planer knives are suitable for hard and soft woods such as: Cedar, Douglas fir, Pine, Popular and Spruce. Produces the finest finish in short to medium runs. All Dimar HSS knives offer excellent wear resistance.

Planer Knives (HSS 18% Tungsten)
Suitable for hard & soft woods such as: Cedar, Douglas fir, Pine, Poplar and Spruce.
HSS 18% Knives Produces the finest finish in medium to long runs. Superb wear resistance.
Lasts 3-5 times longer than M2.

Planer Knives (Carbide Tipped)
The knives are ground flat, sharpened then lapped by diamond wheels.
Especially suitable for: hardwood, pressed wood, layered wood and all laminated materials.

Please note that other unlisted sizes (Length, Width or Thickness) can be supplied upon request.

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