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Corrugated Back Knives

Dimar corrugated Back knives for moulder machines feature controlled uniform hardness and quality crush ground corrugations. All Dimar corrugated knives are carefully ground so that they offer exact precision dimensions with superior balance. Stocked knives are normally supplied with a “Weining” serration of 60 degrees. If required, they can also be supplied with a “Wadkin” serration of 90 degrees. Special length or thickness measurements are available upon request.

Corrugated Back Knives - HSS (M2)
Dimar HSS (M2) corrugated knives is the standard for most industrial woodworking shops in North America.
The consistent hardness and high concentrations of Tungsten, Molybdenium and Valadium content of the M2 steel gives an excellent edge and allows for easy grinding. Dimar HSS M2 Steel is ideal for medium to long runs for both soft and hard woods. Dimar offers HSS M2 in both ¼” and 5/16” thickness.  

Corrugated Back Knives – HSS (M3)
Dimar HSS (M3) corrugated knives offers 25-30% or more in longer run times than standard M2. Dimar M3 is hardened to 63 RC, and is a little more difficult to grind than M2. M3 is a popular grade for jointed runs and difficult to machine hardwoods.

Corrugated Back Knives – Carbide Tipped
Dimar Carbide Tipped Corrugated knives are designed for abrasive hardwoods, composite wood products, wood with glue lines and synthetic materials.

Please note that other unlisted sizes (Length, Width or Thickness) can be supplied upon request.

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