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Woodpecker Blades & Dado Set  

Dimar’s Woodpecker Professional Carbide Tipped Saw Blades are designed for the everyday woodworker.
Whether they are used on the job site or in the shop, all woodworkers will now be able to purchase affordable professional-quality cutting saw blades.
These professional grade blades are manufactured in Germany by our renowned Dimar-Guhdo GmbH factory, which has a history that spans over 100 years in the cutting tool industry. We are confident that these blades will give you the cut you need at the price you want!
Thinner than our NOVA™ and Gmaxx™ saw blades, the Woodpecker thin-kerf blades will make it easier to rip through thick stock without bogging down a table saw. These specially-designed blades require less power because they have thinner plates and narrower tips. These blades are ideal for job site table and miter saws.
Our Woodpecker Thin Kerf blades are available in Alternate Top Bevel grind, (for cutting hardwood, softwood and plywood), Triple-Chip Grind (for chipboard and laminatecovered material), and flat top grind (for ripping). The use of stabilizers is recommended when cutting stock over 3/4" thick.

Features and Benefits:
• For general ripping, crosscutting and finishing of wood, plywood, particle board and laminates.
• Micro-grain tungsten carbide teeth for optimum durability and prolonged tool life.
• Long & thick carbide teeth that tolerate over 15 sharpenings.
• Non-adhesive black coating for easy cleaning and smoother operation.
• Premium quality stiff plate for true cutting even under load.
• Premium quality, Made in Germany

For general ripping and crosscutting along and across the grain of wood, plywood, and particle board. 
Micro-grain titanium carbide teeth. Non-adhesive black coating. Thick carbide teeth.
Premium quality,made in Germany. 

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