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Round the edges of compound curves with Dimar latest invention, the Corner Rounding 3D bit, makes rounding much easier and much more efficient than using your grandfathers old hand tools. This is no ordinary corner rounding bit! Standard bits can only shape along a single plane. New! Gmaxx Professional carbide Tipped Saw Blades provide top-notch affordable quality for the small shop and the home woodworking enthusiast, and feature our new D-Coat Nano Technology system! These professional grade blades are manufactured in Germany by our renowned Dimar-Guhdo GmbH factory, which has a history that spans over 100 years in the cutting tool industry.
This pioneering bit allows you to make extra-large coves using your router! It is great for designing beautiful coves for crown moldings and furniture. • Each set includes 4 Carbide bits to produce 3 different elegant profiles to make perfectly matched Rail & Stile and Muntins.

• Adaptable groove thickness: the groove will accommodate glass thicknesses of 2mm, 3mm,4mm, 5mm, 6mm. 
New from DIMAR! 
The Bormax Pilot Guided Forstner Bit Set allows you to precisely drill, free hand, large holes at an angle (for instance, when drilling holes for spindles on a stair railing). 
These bits are designed to be used on soft woods, European hardwoods, particle board, and MDF. The pilot bit is fixed into the main bit with an Allen wrench, and it can be exchanged for a shorter point, to allow you to drill in thinner materials where you do not want to drill through the piece.
An amazing "all in one" drill designed
to satisfy a wide array of drilling 

•  Wood  •  Plastic  •  Metal  •  Masonry   •  Aluminum   •  Glass   •  Tile

Carbide Tipped, Titanium Coated 
New D-COAT Nano Technology system!
Dimar Canada is excited to announce the release of its improved Dimar Nova Industrial saw blades featuring our new 
D-COAT Nano Technology system!
Reviewed by Canadian Home Workshop magazine (November 2011) as one of the HOT TOOLS OF 2012, Dimar’s new Nova Industrial 
D-COAT blades are truly the next generation in saw blade engineering. 
Dimar’s new D-COAT is available on our most popular Nova Industrial saw blades.
Make beautiful roll top desks, bread boxes, jewelry boxes, etc., with Dimar Tambour Sets.  Just a few steps of simple routing and you can produce incredible Tambour joints using your own router!

• No Sawing! • No Sanding! • No Gluing! 
The Engraving Insert System features one tool body with 40 unique insert knives designed for a variety of applications: Straight cut, core box, round corner, V grooves and Chamfering.
Dimar insert knives are made from micro grain carbide particles that creates a finer edge.
These 7 1/4" blades are available with either 24 teeth for general framing or decking, crosscutting and ripping in soft & hard wood, plywood, hardboard, chipboard and particle board or 40 teeth for finish cuts.
Crosscutting along the grain and trimming soft & hard wood, plywood, hardboard, chipboard and 
Particle board. 

Using a Plug Cutter, a counter bore can be filled with an appropriately sized piece of dowel or a wooden plug cut from an offcut of the same timber.

Carbide tipped Plug Cutters will outlast ten folds any others. They stay sharp longer and keep their precise measurements.
Knuckle Joint Bits or Knuckle Hinge Joint is often used to connect a movable table leg to the framing, where it is necessary for the table leg and rail to swing outwards and support a drop leaf.
Knives for DEWALT Model #DW734 Planer
320mm x 22mm x 1.5mm 
12.5" x 7/8" x 1/16"

HSS 18%, Double Edge 

Superb wear resistance
Last 3-5 times longer than M2. 
These innovative carbide tipped bits are real time savers. 
The usual sharp edge created when trimming cut of laminated materials are no longer a concern. 
There is no need to further file the edge of laminated woods.  The lamination is always trimmed flush with the backing material. 

This is a new design of the well-known NOVA™ Industrial Quality countersinks. 
This innovative combination of three components will make countersinking safe and precise.

 Carbide Tipped Countersink 200-CT (“New”)
 HSS Slow Spiral Drill
 Low Friction Depth-Stop
This two-piece bit set provides an economical way to create your own edge banding from the wood of your choice.
This is a great way to create a finished edge on plywood or MDF panels and shelves which blends perfectly with the rest of your project.
Disposable  insert  router  with  two  cutting  flutes,  suitable  for  light  CNC  and  manual  routing  applications.
Included  an  assembled  ball  bearing  seat  and  an  anti-dust  plug.
Can  also  be  used  on  a  CNC  machine  with  a  back cutter. 
Classical bits are part of the Edge & Moulding bits. A derivative of the Ogee bits family, with some fancy additions to style. 

The plunge type classical bit is used to decorate both, the face of a board and the edge
Disposable  insert  router  set  with  two  cutting  flutes.   

Suitable  for  light  CNC  and  manual  routing  applications.
Recommended  wood  thickness  from  5/8" (16mm)  to  1  1/8" (28mm).

The Rosette cutter is designed to work mainly in man-made materials, such as MDF and particle board.

Carbide tipped Rosette Cutters will outlast ten folds any others. They stay sharp longer and keep their precise measurements.
Disposable  insert  router  set  with  two  cutting  flutes.   

Suitable  for  light  CNC  and  manual  routing  applications.  
Fine  adjusting  option  for  precise  fitting  between  tongue  &  groove.

The finger joint (also known as a comb joint) is a woodworking joint made by cutting a set of complementary rectangular or angular cuts in two pieces of wood, which are then glued. To visualize a finger joint simply interlock the fingers of your hands at a ninety degree angle; hence the name "finger joint." It is stronger than a butt or lap joint, and often forms part of the overall look of the piece.

Template bits also known as Pattern bits or Straight Bits with Centre Ball Bearing are used in woodworking to replicate letters, shapes or designs by means of copying an overlaid shape onto the desired material. Drilling "around the corner" or between studs is no longer a challenge with this innovative tool! 
Allows for easy drilling of holes or driving fasteners where access is limited, narrow or obstructed.
Features large diameter 3/8" keyless chuck for fast and easy bit change.
Accepts Hex and Round shank drills in Right hand or Left hand rotation.

Our Plug Cutters are an excellent choice to produce perfect matching plugs for several of our Bormax Forstner Bits.

Premium Quality Made in Germany!

T-slot is a groove made specifically for the purpose of securing pieces such as shelves, pegs and similar fixture into a panel. With the popularity of flexible shelving and displays in many stores, producing “slot wall” from a variety of materials has become very appealing.
T-Slot grooves may be left as is, or may be fitted with extruded aluminum tracks, to strengthen the grip of the items inserted, and to prolong the slot-wall life.

Newly developed Cutter Heads for Planning, Rounding and Chamfering. Complete with four disposable HSS/ TC Knives & Quick changing knife option. Large gullet for the high feed operation and a special wedge with a HSS chip flow edge to maintain the life time of the locking wedge.



Hard wearing aluminum body complete with  spiral positioned disposable TC Knives arranged in 6 flutes.

Suitable to remove large volumes of all types of wood 
with a high feed rate, by creating small chips.

Low noise operation and Semi finish  surface quality.
Can also be ordered with a special dimension.
Dimar aluminum cutting solid carbide spiral O Flute router bits are designed for use in various non-ferrous materials such as aluminum, brass and copper.  
Dimar plastic cutting solid carbide spiral "O" Flute router bits are designed for use in various plastic materials such as Plexiglas, and Lucite, nylon, ABS, PE, Acetal, PET, HDPE, UHMW, polycarbonates, polypropylene, wood and solid surfaces.
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