DIMAR Cutting Tools Ltd.
DIMAR Cutting Tools Ltd.
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Dynamic Saw Blade Balancing

Dimar announces the immediate implementation of our patented Dynamic Saw Blade Balancing.

Details can be found here.


Company Profile

Dimar features the most extensive line of industrial woodworking cutting tools. Dimar tools are distributed worldwide where they have become a byword for Premium Quality and reliability.

All Dimar industrial tools are manufactured to exceed the highest standards in the industry today and have been tested by the esteemed HOLZ-BG Institute in Germany. Thus the material, construction and cutting geometry, comply with strict safety regulations.

We offer a wide variety of Router bits, Saw Blades, Dado sets, Planer/Jointer knives, Drill bits and Cutters for industry, workshops, craftsmen and the advanced do-it-yourselfers.

Dimar’s team of resourceful engineers is continuously researching and developing new and innovative tools, using the latest CAD techniques.

Special grades of carbide have been developed for our tools with the co-operation of the world’s leading manufacturers of tungsten carbide. These carbide grades are designed to withstand the longest wear when cutting abrasive materials and hardwoods. Mirror finish grind is standard on Dimar tools. All Router bit bodies are CNC machined and ground for maximum concentricity.

Dimar Saw Blades are laser cut and ground for maximum flatness.

Dimar tools are supplied nationwide by a select group of dedicated dealers. Technical advise is always available to assist and support our dealers to better serve the woodworking community. Requests for custom made tools are always welcome.

To find a Dimar dealer near you, please contact us.

Come visit our showroom on 45 Tandem Road in Concord, Ontario to view our entire line of products.



All DIMAR tools are guaranteed against defects in either workmanship or material. DIMAR assumes no liability for defects or damage caused by abuse or misuse of any product or unauthorized service of any products.

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