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Dimar Tambour Set - Canadian Woodworking Magazine Article  ( 2010-01-27 15:38 )

Rave Review by Canadian Woodworking Magazine's Jim Sinclair!  Click on Photo 


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Dimar merchandiser  ( 2009-09-21 22:30 )

Show off your Dimar merchandiser in style!

Our new product display will exhibit the products in an exciting and practical way.

The full vision product display features durable see through acrylic panels from 3 sides, so viewers can see the products from all angles. The backing Pegboard will accept standard hooks that are easy to set up, move and rearrange the products, making them a smart choice for many retailers that constantly move their products around as product mix may change.

Individual units may be doubled up for twice as much space and have an attractive corporate banner at the top. The banner shows a collection of DIMAR products, clearly distinguishing between the NOVA™ and the WOODPECKER brands.  


Dimar Professional Dado Set WP824DCL  ( 2009-09-19 13:22 )

Our Professional 8” Dado Set earned the prestiges 5 STAR rating from the Canadian Woodworking Magazine.

Read all about it here:

DIMAR Advanced Search feature  ( 2009-09-10 00:50 )

With the introduction of our new site, we have pioneered a revolutionary way of searching products. You have now several options at your fingertips.

By item code:   non functional demo

Search by Item Code: For those of you who are familiar with the Dimar Tool Numbers, this is the most practical way to search. Here are several simple example of searching by Item Code: Simply enter one of the following: 109R4-12  or  10-50 COM and press “Search full code” If you wish to see all items starting with 109R, simply enter it and press “Search first characters” and all items beginning with 109R will be displayed.


By Category:  non functional demo

Search by Category: Click the small “check mark” and a pull down menu will show you all available categories. Click on the Category of your choice to select it, and then click “Search”.


By words (e.g. Drill, Blade):  non functional demo

Search by Words: Enter key word, for example “Dewalt” and click Search. All knives for Dewalt planer machines will be displayed.

Once your initial search is displayed, you may click a specific Item Code, its Description or the Picture, to display specific information that that individual item. When you are done viewing a specific item, click on the “Close Window” to get back to the list of items.

When you are done, please click on the HOME button on the upper right corner, to return to the Dimar Home page.

We hope to have made it easy for you to select a Dimar product!

Now, go to the SEARCH button on the upper right corner, and start searching.

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