DIMAR Cutting Tools Ltd. has been recognized by the Business Advisory Services Branch of the Government of Ontario to being a committed Corporation to “Thinking green” and seizing green-based opportunities for growth. We invite you, to join us in our quest for a better world.

How did we begin the green journey?

Green initiatives can get complex, but that is also where the potential lies. Consider some of the advanced techniques used by DIMAR Cutting Tools Ltd. to green its entire operation:

Re-assessed its product line to eliminate volatile organic & synthetic chemicals and other toxic materials whenever possible.

Re-aligned its physical plant and production processes to increase energy efficient and reduce waste. DIMAR Cutting Tools Ltd.’s entire plant & offices have been refitted with high efficiency lighting, with timers. Ultra modern and wide span skylights above our showroom and main entrance provide year round daylight at no cost. Lush indoor evergreen plants under skylights provide energy free air purifier system which is eco friendly and add to a pleasant atmosphere.

Explore more sustainable approaches to packaging.
Beyond in house guidelines, our suppliers have been instructed to use strictly recyclable materials. Our firm re uses incoming packaging materials whenever possible. Returned products in usable conditions are never disposed. They get cleaned up, reconditioned and are donated to various charities. Among our favourable charities are: Care Canada and Habitat for Humanity. Returned tools with minor cosmetic imperfections are sold over the counter at discounts and funds collected are donated to the Hospital for Sick Kids in Toronto.

Explore more sustainable approaches to transportation and IT policies.
To cut back on the cost of postage, shipping and moving people, DIMAR Cutting Tools Ltd. has implemented a multi shipping system that checks the most efficient rout of shipping from our plant to the customer. The system identifies the optimum method based on several criteria to suggest the most cost effective way for the preferred service required.

Saving the woods by cancelling usage of papers will ensure that woods are preserved for woodworking. We are very close to reach a status of “paperless office”.
Our Company successfully implemented an automatic computerized e-mail of Invoices & Statements. Utilizing our sophisticated, yet simple to use, on-line ordering system, our dedicated dealers may check their accounts on-line 24/7.

Going green is not just about ticking off a checklist; it is finding solutions that match your company and its culture. Green business means changes, but it mainly means smarter operations.
We understand that, in today’s world, to grow your economy you must green your company.

Thank you for being a partner!